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Beware: Launch and Position Your New Drug Quickly – Or Else!

Two qualities stand out as being the most essential for every launch plan to overcome today’s competitive landscape. Find out how these two components have become the bread and butter of drug launch today, giving pharmaceutical companies the edge they need to overcome today’s ruthless competition.

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Moving to Specialty Pharma: How to Succeed

This comprehensive guide allows you to recognize trends and drivers of Specialty Pharma; troubleshoot unique Specialty Pharma challenges; rethink your marketing and sales model to make the right commercial operations transition; and implement Specialty Pharma analytics and make sense of data.

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Data & Creativity: A Complete Guide to Mastering Drug Launches

This eBook provides you with the most innovative ways to respond to the change in attitudes in the Pharma industry & improve your chances of drug launch success. Download your free copy of the eBook today.

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Verix Drug Launch App Leads Bayer to Exceed All Expectations

When Bayer US Pharma, was about to launch two new high profile Oncology drugs, the need for a cutting edge, agile analysis solution was a prerequisite to guarantee success in this competitive market. Verix was chosen after a careful selection process, to support the sensitive and complicated launch process of these specialty products.

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