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June 11, 2015

Pharma Market Changes: How to Keep Up with the Pace


The past decade has seen more changes in the pharma market than ever before, and its metamorphosis is increasing with each passing year.

Originating both in universal and industry-specific dynamics, massive changes continue to evolve in government restrictions, global politics, technology developments, identity of stakeholders and more.

These dynamics in the pharma industry are driven by even deeper philosophical changes in perception: the role of medical care in our digital society; the emerging powerful status of patients as customers; the very definition of health; the world turning into a global village; and more…

Understanding how these affect the industry is the first step in adjusting your company to the future pharma market.

Keep up with the pace

These large-scale dynamics affect the 3 main players of drug launching: the company, the market and business analytics.

Untitled Infographic (4) 1

Source: IMS Health, Launch Excellence IV: a new launch environment Planning for excellence in an environment of change

Untitled Infographic (4) 2

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