2015 Notable Drug Launches

Pharma companies that are prepared to monitor trends and react swiftly, whether in their own drug launch or in the entire industry, will be the ones to overcome high levels of competition and make the most of waiting opportunities.

  • Gather maximum information about all constituents, competitors, and more.
  • Identify and market the element of each product that adds value to the market, rather than all products similarly.
  • Prepare ahead of the launch to gather, monitor and react to data, including formulating contingency plans.
  • Build a team that can focus exclusively on launches to create a single perspective.
  • Stay aware of progress even after the launch and adapt to changes as rapidly as possible.
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From 2015 to 2017

experts estimate that 400 new products will launch, making pharma an ever competitive marketplace.

$36 billion in drug launches

can be saved with access to the right data and unique insights and can, in turn, help pharma maintain a healthy operating margin around 25%.

50% of drug launches

did not meet expectations.

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