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Become a contributor at welcomes content contributions from experts in the field of Pharma drug launch commercialization. Our mission is to provide a source of useful information and insights on today’s best practices in Pharma launch success. We focus specifically on the commercial operations part of the launch with an emphasis on the role of business analytics as a lever for optimization of sales and marketing effectiveness.

In the highly competitive, ever-changing Pharma market, companies that are prepared to monitor trends and react swiftly, whether with their own drug launch or in the entire industry, will be the ones to overcome high levels of competition and make the most of awaiting opportunities.

  • What are the challenges the industry faces?
  • How to launch a new drug in a competitive market?
  • How to differentiate commercialization methods between small and big launches, specialty and generic?
  • The importance of payers/budget holders?
  • How to handle the various distribution channels’ complexity?

Inputs on these matters and more are of interest to our commercial operations readership and to us.

How long should your blog/article be?

Approximate length of pieces: a minimum of about 700 words to about a maximum 1500 words. Please offer maximum value to the reader.

Please Do:

  • Teach readers something new and interesting
  • Make a compelling argument
  • Use examples, case studies, research and evidence to support your claims

Please Don’t:

  • Promote your company or technology
  • Consider your article as a piece of advertisement
  • Drop links to commercial web sites
  • Discuss “off-subject”

How to submit?

Please submit Microsoft Word files by email to Avoid complex formatting of the article. Charts, graphs and photos should be submitted as separate documents. Please be sure to include your complete information, including mailing address and phone numbers, a photo of the writer to post with the piece, a short bio and a Twitter handle. Our lead time for acceptance of content is up to a business week before publication.

Editing and copyrights

Your content could be subject to our team’s editing, to be arranged according to the questions mentioned above.
You own the copyright to the article, but we ask your permission to reprint it and use it, on a nonexclusive basis, on the website.

To conclude

You are writing for people in commercial operations who face many of the same problems you do. Write something that will help them; that will make them think and, ultimately, succeed.

We thank you for your contribution,
The Druglauncher Editorial Team.