Pharmaceutical Giant, Bayer, Adopts Verix

Bayer1The first months of a drug launch are critical to its success. The market is competitive and as many as 60% of launches don’t meet expectations. Leading Pharmaceutical company, Bayer, was not looking to be a part of this statistic.

“Before Verix, Bayer was using 11 different reporting systems to get the insights it required…and it still wasn’t enough.”

In this case study, find out how Bayer addressed the many challenges of Pharma launch analytics, including:

  • Generating actionable insights
  • Rapid deployment
  • Quick change implementation
  • Consolidated analysis view
  • Offline accessibility

Download the case study today to find out how Bayer saved big and achieved the agile analytics required to succeed in the competitive market of oncology Pharmaceuticals.

Download the Case Study

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