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December 21, 2015

3 Pharma Articles to Improve Your Launch Strategy

Looking at the past year, much has happened – from the FDA breaking a 19 year record in new drugs approval (with an outstanding number of orphan drugs indicated for the treatment of rare diseases), to disruption of healthcare by technology players, M&A’s, personalized medicines, health care costs being center scene, patient centricity, wearables and more. Our compile of Pharma Articles shows it all.

Digital transformation is starting to play a key role in new product launches and could be significantly impactful when it comes to specialty drugs.

According to Nancy Phelan, Head of the Customer Engagement Center for Bristol Myers Squibb: “If you’re a patient and there is a breakthrough in a disease where there hasn’t been anything for 15 years, it’s frankly unacceptable that we are going to take two weeks to wait until we do a face to face training of a speaker. We have a responsibility to do it as fast as we possibly can, as completely as we possibly can.”

This first compile puts the spotlight on 2015 new FDA approved drugs, reviews JPMorgan projections for important product launches and pipelines updates for Major Pharma in 2016 and discusses the impact of new digital approaches on commercial launch.

Wishing you all a healthy and successful New Year.

1. Major Pharma Group Outlook in 2016: Fundamentals to Outweigh Political Headwinds

By Jennifer Lynn, published on Yahoo Finance

The global pharmaceutical industry has experienced a plethora of successful new products in 2015 and is looking at a favorable outlook for 2016. JPMorgan executives address several important launches and pipeline updates from some of the industry’s major players- Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Opdivo, AbbVie’s Humira, Merck’s Januvia, Eli Lilly upcoming launches and more.

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2. 2015 In Review: New drug approvals – the FDA hits a 19 year-record

By Simon King, published on FirstWord Pharma

In approving three novel drugs last week, the FDA bought its annual count to 43, the highest number of new approvals in 19 years. Therapies granted orphan drug status by the FDA account for over a third of new drug approvals in 2015 and include some cancer treatments indicated for relatively small populations. This FirstWord Pharma article takes a look at this year’s pipeline.

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3. BMS’ Phelan: The Digital Drug Launch is Upon Us

By Marc Iskowitz, published on MM&M

Current Pharma market trends clearly show a substantial focus on specialty drugs – targeted, costly and often complex treatments, that require a completely different launch approach. According to Nancy Phelan, head of the customer engagement center, worldwide customer operations for Bristol-Myers Squibb, this new and necessary approach can benefit greatly from the adoption of digital tools, specifically by pharmaceutical sales reps. Phelan explains how training the reps to master digital tools presents an opportunity in a rapid launch environment, ultimately improving message impact, recall and brand preference.

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