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The 1st 6 months

of a drug launch are the most critical, establishing the product’s trajectory for 85% of all pharma launches.

65% of product launches

that surpass first-year forecasting continue on a rise in the second year.

5 Tips for a Successful Commercial Drug Launch

A highly competitive, ever-changing market requires the right tools and the best resources available to make a good strategy into a brilliant launch. Discover the key elements to maximizing a modern drug launch.


How to Build a Drug Launch Factory

Smaller, faster and specialized – a successful launch today is usually a small, highly targeted one. That’s why in order to dominate today’s increasingly competitive environment, companies need to change their traditional character, and introduce more products in a smaller time frame. This is how you become a launch factory.


The vital drivers of success are (1) the quality and depth of interactions with three key influencers—clinicians, payers, and the patient—and (2) harnessing the powerful integrative effects of advanced, state-of-the-art technology infrastructure. 

William Looney, Pharma Exec's Editor-in-Chief

Companies should adopt a comprehensive framework approach to new launches in order to maximize their chances of success.

Tom Abbott, Vice President Global Solutions Lead, Life Sciences and Healthcare at HCL Technologies

Successful launches must be rooted in deep, laser-focused and increasingly forward-looking strategic thinking, where the value proposition is tightly bound to a validated market opportunity and uniquely solves key customers' problems.

Gemma Pfister, Senior Vice President at InterPhase Consult, Part of Ashfield Commercial & Medical Services